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Brilliant idea

Usually we walk to the forest or the beach, but recently we took a new route! This is it:


It is the harbour, M told me, and there are lots of little and big boats. What’s more: there are places where you can get fish! I think this is one of the most wonderful things about humans: the way they have organized their life. They do not have to hunt or fish, they just go to a place and get their food!

In such a place M merely points what she wants, she gets it, we take it home and we eat it! It is amazing. I am very grateful to my ancestors, the wild dogs who thought it might be a good idea to work together with humans. It was an absolutely brilliant idea. Our effort is minimal: we do a little bit of guarding, some playing and when we feel like it, we allow our humans to cuddle us. In return we get a warm house, a soft bed – or several ones, like I have! – flea protection and lots of food. Wow. I don’t think life can get any better than this.


Autumn walk

Yesterday it was really warm, so M and P decided to go on a long walk. With me, of course! They will never go walking without me, I am sure about that. M tells me that walking without a dog is like going to Disney world without kids. I wouldn’t know about that, I’ve never been to this world. It must be nice, if there are kids!

Anyway, our long walk turned out to be quite an adventure. The wood smelled very good, of dogs I don’t know and all kind of wild things. It looked pretty, too:

Autumn walk 1

I had a good time, sniffing and walking and looking for interesting stuff around me. Like fir cones and sticks and rabbits:

Autumn walk 2

Because it was warm, I got very thirsty. The water tasted different than the water at our place. A bit muddy. But that is all right when one is thirsty:

Autumn walk 3

We encountered odd little things that smelled strange. I don’t think they are for eating:

Autumn walk 4

We lunched outside, M and P shared sandwiches with me and I had a stick for dessert.

Autumn walk 5

I could not sleep, however, because when we are outside it is my job to guard M and P. I like guarding, so that is no problem.

Autumn walk 6

In the end we stopped at a strange looking place. I thought we were going back to our campervan, because that is how we went to the start of the walk. But we went in one of these:

Autumn walk 7

They are big and noisy and they go by with a swoooooooooofsh, but I was not impressed by them, as you can see. Hey, I am a cool dog! So I went with M and P into this noisy machine and sat next to them while the machine brought us back to our campervan.

It was a great day! I slept from the time we got home till this morning, dreaming of all the nice things I smelled in the woods.


Cargobike special

Look what we found on our walk this week:

Cargobike herring

It is an old fashioned cargobike that is used to transport herring! You know, the absolutely delicious delicacy the Dutch eat – and so do I? This cargobike was parked outside a fish shop (I couldn’t believe we just walked by and M did not buy fish for me, but we did. What a shame).

I think the flowery things are not on the bike when they use it for transporting fish, because that would make no sense. I do know what would be good to transport with the fish: me! I am a ferocious guarding dog, I am especially good at guarding food.  So they can hire me, next time they do a transport! That would be nice. And sensible. They don’t even have to pay me much, just some fish would be fine.


Camouflage cat

On my late afternoon round we usually walk the same route. I get quite excited when we enter a certain street, because there is a cat living there. It is a particularly nasty one: she is very lazy and always gossiping about her human.

Unfortunately M keeps me on a leash on this walk, so I can’t catch the cat. But I always bark and growl to her and she scolds back – I won’t write what names she calls me, I suspect Wordpress will delete them as being inappropriate. But believe me, they are gruesome.

Yesterday it was very quiet in the street. I was on the lookout for her, but I did not smell her. It turned out she was hiding from me. Like a camouflage cat! But she did not mislead me, of course not. She may be as dark as the earth, I spotted her immediately. She was so lazy she didn’t even scold me. Which (frankly) was a disappointment…. because, you know, she teaches me new words I can use when I encounter very nasty dogs.

Camouflage cat


A walk every day

When I get bored, I do some websurfing. I like sites about cats and rabbits and dogs and food.  I notice that on dog websites humans ask a lot of stupid questions about dogs. One of them: do dogs need to walk every day?

Do humans like to be locked up in a house or garden all day long? Of course not. Neither do we. Dogs have a lot of energy and we need our exercise. Running around in the same yard every day is not enough, because it is boring. We dogs like to sniff around and do our own research, outside the fences of a yard:

Blog Bubbles 14

I get a lot of exercise, about two hours every day (M tells me). When I wake up, we go outside for a short time. Just to smell the day. Then during the morning or the early afternoon we go for a long walk, for an hour or two. We go to the forest or the beach or both.  In the late afternoon we do a quick round before I get my dinner. And before bed, we go out again.

It depends on the kind of dog what exercise is needed. My friend Zuid for instance doesn’t run much, but she likes to do her slow round through the forest, sniffing here and there. Other dogs need to run for at least one hour every day, or dig holes (or both). The needs are different, but every dog needs exercise. Even tiny ones like Bichons or Malteses – they won’t fetch balls for you for two hours on end, but they do need to go outside and walk and play.

So what if you’d love to have a dog, but can’t give her a lot of exercise? Buy a cat. Or, and this is a good solution for human and dog: adopt an old dog. Old dogs also need exercise, but they are happy with a few lazy-just-sniffing-around walks a day. The rest of the day they can sleep next to you, on your sofa. Where to find an older dog? That is easy: in a shelter. Or through a foundation.

Dogs need exercise every day, but, you know: humans do, too. Some of them have forgotten this, they stay in their house / car / office all day. That is why they become so fat and depressed. The solution is simple: go out and exercise! Then you will get a beautiful muscular body, just like me. Who wouldn’t want that?

Guarding the beach

I had a great day, yesterday. We walked my favorite route: along the canal, through the forest to the dunes and then to the beach. M and P had a coffee at their favorite beach club and I enjoyed the view. And did some guarding, of course. That was easy, because as you can see it was very quiet:

Guarding the beach

After the coffee we returned home, through the dunes and the forest and the canal, again. There I met my friend the labradoodle (I will post her picture another time) and we ran around for some while – I love her furry coat, it is great for biting! She does this doggy dancing training, which I find hilarious. I tease her a lot about this, she gets really pissed and chases after me, haha!

Anyway, after all this walking and running I was really tired, so I slept for the rest of the afternoon. Nice.

The best beach

Hurray, I am home and the beach is still here! We went there today, I ran next to our cargobike. The path to the beach is nice too, it is lined with lots of smells (rabbits! rabbit shit! foxes!). This is what the path looks like – and me running next to the bike:

2014-08-15 11.04.14

Then we take a sharp turn to the right and we park the bike, overlooking the sea. The leash is off and I am off! Off to the beach:

2014-08-15 11.08.33

Today it was very quiet, there weren’t a lot of other dogs to play with, alas. But M and P threw ball for me, which was great. I love this beach. I think it is the best beach in the world. What is your favorite beach?

2014-08-15 11.16.51