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Gift: a hike!

Alas, I did not get the mountain cat I asked for on my birthday. Instead M and P gave me something else, which was pretty awesome too: a hike! We hiked for three days in Germany and it was really nice. The woods there are huge, with lots of mysterious paths.


I first thought my mountain cat was waiting for me there but nope, there were none. I did see some squirrels and a lot of birds. There was a myriad of smells for me to discover and nice views for M and P to enjoy.


We saw a lot of mushrooms, like these (not inhabited, they are too small for that):


And huge trees everywhere in the woods. Home to squirrels and unfortunately not very suitable for climbing by dogs (I should do something about that and get me some training on how to climb trees. It could be handy when chasing squirrels).


There were big trees in the little villages we visited too!


It smelled of autumn and a little bit of winter too, with a cold tinge in the air. I am glad we slept in hotels that were cosy and warm, so I could snooze in the sun while processing all the smells and sounds I gathered during the day.


I had a great birthday!

Just a walk

We just returned from our daily walk. We went to the dunes and the forest. We go there almost every day, so you could say this is nothing special. But to me it is always special.


Every day is different, you know. It smells different, it feels different. Sometimes we have sun, sometimes rain or storm. Or all of them in one walk (those are the best). We might encounter a fox, or a bunch of rabbits. You never know for certain and that makes every walk a little adventure. Not a big one, like going on a holiday and hiking in the mountains, of course not. That is a different category. But I like these little adventures too. Maybe even more, because we can have them every day.



Yesterday we did a different walk. M and I go out every day for a long walk, usually we go to the forest and the dunes and the beach. But yesterday we did a tree-walk! M gathered with some other humans and a guide and we walked for two hours, in search of trees.


That is funny. Trees are not hard to find, you know. They just stand there, they are not going anywhere. But the guide knew a lot of interesting stories about trees and the neighborhood we were walking in, so M was happy. I liked it too. It is nice to do a walk with a pack of humans (or dogs, or both), it makes me feel connected. The guide showed us a lot of different trees and told about the difference in leafs and seeds and all that.


I also liked this pack of humans, because they truly explored.  A lot of humans seem to blunder through life, not noticing anything. But these people really looked at the trees, touched them and smelled them. Which is the right thing to do of course, when you really want to discover the world! They even pulled some weeds out of a lawn and I assisted them by digging a big hole.

Anyway, the walk was nice. I hope we will do it again and then also taste some of the things we find. And climb into the best trees. That will be even more of an exploration.

Tree-walk 2

By the way, this was an odd thing. A human helped this tree, which is falling down, by putting a pole underneath it! Humans can be very silly. Although I smelled that a lot of dogs really appreciate it. It is the canine message board of the neighborhood.

Thanks for the pics, Maurits Burgers!