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She’s back!

Hurray, M is back! She arrived in the middle of the night, but she didn’t fool me – I smelled her arrival far in advance. We dogs have a special sensor for this, you know. We can feel when our humans are returning home. So I was waiting for her.

I am glad she is back. Although I still do not understand why she went without me – she went on a hike, of all things! I know, because she packed her hiking gear and she returned with strong legs and a pretty tan. It must have been great.

We just had a long walk in the forest and on the beach and I noticed that she is more fit than before her holiday. Although I still have to wait for her. But that is normal, because humans are very slow.


My friend Boet tells me that sometimes our humans need some time to have adventures of their own, but I don’t understand that. I think adventures are much more grand when you have them together! Well, maybe I will understand this when I am older, like Boet.