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Sun lover

I so very much love the sun. When ever there is a ray of sunlight in our house I lie down in it. I cherish the warmth on my coat, it makes me so relaxed. I like dozing in the sun for hours. It can’t be hot enough for me – there are only a few times I remember that being in the sun was too hot and I looked for some shade. But that was in high summer and we were travelling in the south.

So I think it is very, very nice that M placed my bed in the garden today, so I could enjoy the warm sunshine in my own cozy soft bed.


Adventure ahead

Uh-oh. This is what I just saw in our house. My humans are packing, big time!


This can mean only one thing: we are going to have a Big Adventure. I think we are going on a holiday! And I am sure I am coming with M and P, because they are packing my stuff, too. I saw my food and mountain walking gear amidst these things! Oh yeah.

I am very excited about this. I like going on an Adventure, especially with M and P. I will smell new things, meet other dogs and hopefully some foxes too! I will taste new things, like…. sea food I haven’t tasted before. Squid? Lobster? That would be nice. Oh, I can’t wait, I hope we will go soon! And I hope we will see the mountains again, I love mountains!

I love mountains

Of course I will let you know all about my Adventures. Just don’t count on a picture of a juicy squid, I’ll gobble it before I can take a selfie-with-squid.



The weather finally got better and now a lot of humans are complaining it is too hot! I find this an odd thing about humans in Holland. They always complain about the weather: it is too hot / cold / rainy (most of the time) / dry or windy. Or cold and windy. That is even worse, of course (I don’t understand why, but they say it is).

Today it is plus 30 degrees Celsius, M tells me. For Dutch standards that is hot. That is what they complain about now. Some humans even tell other humans they should not walk their dogs because of the heat! I’ll be frank: that is totally ridiculous. Hello people, it is summer! It is supposed to be hot! And we canines are strong and though, we are able to handle this! Me personally, I love it when it’s hot. I lie in the sun when ever possible, even when it is 30 degrees.


I am from Greece and some of my ancestors came from Arabia, so I am made for hot weather. Some dog breeds from the north do not like the heat, but when they can rest in the shade and have a nice drink at nose distance they are fine, too. Do not take our daily walk from us because it is hot, please! And if you are lucky enough to live near the beach, go there and let us cool down a bit in between our running and playing.


And please, please stop complaining about the weather. Enjoy the sun!