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Spring walk

Spring is here! I can feel it and I can smell it, it is a fresh green kind of energy. Sparkling and joyful and bubbling, just like me. I love spring! We made a nice long walk, so M and P and I could take in this new energy that is all around us:

There are loads of flowers in the city where we live. Of course M had to make a picture of me against this background. So I posed for her, why not? As a bit of a celeb I am used to humans wanting to take pictures of me.

We had a great time. This is truly a beautiful city.


Hurray, spring is here! I can smell it in the air and the sun is warmer, too. It makes me very happy, because I like sunshine and warmth. My favorite forest, where we go take a walk several times a week, is starting to look pretty. Sometimes there are a lot of dogs and I am beware of the ones that are not to be trusted (there are some bad mannered dogs frequenting this forest), but this time it was very quiet. I had plenty of time to stroll leisurely along the paths, sniffing here and there.


M was happy too, exclaiming she saw so much pretty flowers. I have to admit they are pretty, but it is a shame there is a fence around the field where most of them grow. Now we can’t go crash through them and that, I must say, always adds an extra zest to a pretty field of flowers.