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Bad news

Look what happened:


Chuck left the sofa. M took him and put him on my bed, telling me that he does not belong on the sofa and should lie on the doggy bed, just like me.

Both Chuck and I are very disappointed. We are thinking about Plan C, but our creativity runs low at this point. Maybe you have any suggestions? We definitely want to lie on the sofa!

Plan B

I am content with my life with M and P, most of the time. Although there are a couple of things that need improvement. Being allowed on the sofa is one thing. On Facebook I see pictures of happy dogs on sofas and sometimes I meet a dog who is boasting about the couch cuddles he receives from his human, happily sitting on the sofa together, watching tv. Then I mumble something like ‘yeah I know what you are barking about, our sofa is gloriously soft too and I sleep on it for hours and hours’.

But alas, that is not so. I was allowed on the sofa when living with my foster family. As soon as I entered M and P’s house and jumped on their sofa to test it, they put me back on the ground. Again and again. Friendly, but persistent. So I know what it is like, lying on a soft sofa, but I am denied that luxury now.

That is why I made up a plan. You can call it Plan B, since Plan A – jumping on their sofa the moment I entered the house – did not work. Plan B involves Chuck, my new prey. When M and P weren’t looking, I positioned him on their sofa. Like this:


When I came in the living room this morning, he was still there. This can only mean one thing: M and P don’t mind to share their sofa. With Chuck, yes. But that is a start. Once they get used to the idea of sharing the sofa, they won’t mind if I use it too. I will modestly lie in a corner of the couch at first and then I will gradually increase the space I am using until I can lie gloriously in the middle of the sofa, between M and P. It is big enough for that, you know.

I strongly believe in my plan. I mean: when they let Chuck lie on the sofa, why wouldn’t they let me? It would be totally unfair if I still had to lie on the floor.  And M and P are fair humans, I am certain about that.

So I hope that the next selfie I will publish will be a selfie of me on the sofa. A sofaselfie! I’ll keep you informed.