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Selfie (sort of)

I have no time for a long post, sorry about that…. you know what it is: end of the year, loads of things to do (dreaming about squirrels, to name one) and presents to buy for all my friends like the cat next door (ha, just kidding!). Anyway: I thought it might be nice to share some selfies with you. Being a modern and digital native dog, I make selfies. I like this one, I look kind of cool, don’t you think?


Or this one. It is not really a selfie because M made it, which makes it a wesie (I think that is the right word). It is pretty artistic:


I know some of my friends make selfies, too. Like Hester:


Do you make selfies? I’d like to see them (especially when you are a squirrel)!

Adventure ahead

Uh-oh. This is what I just saw in our house. My humans are packing, big time!


This can mean only one thing: we are going to have a Big Adventure. I think we are going on a holiday! And I am sure I am coming with M and P, because they are packing my stuff, too. I saw my food and mountain walking gear amidst these things! Oh yeah.

I am very excited about this. I like going on an Adventure, especially with M and P. I will smell new things, meet other dogs and hopefully some foxes too! I will taste new things, like…. sea food I haven’t tasted before. Squid? Lobster? That would be nice. Oh, I can’t wait, I hope we will go soon! And I hope we will see the mountains again, I love mountains!

I love mountains

Of course I will let you know all about my Adventures. Just don’t count on a picture of a juicy squid, I’ll gobble it before I can take a selfie-with-squid.