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Beach life

I love the beach. We have it very near our house, so we go there almost every day. I love the spaciousness of it, I love sensing the silky sand underneath my feet, how soft it is and yet hard enough to give me a solid grip when I press my feet down to jump really high. I love the fresh water of the ocean to cool me down after some thorough running.

There are a lot of things I love to do on the beach. Like running, playing with other dogs, digging deep holes and fetching ball. When I am lucky there are seagulls for chasing. When I am even more lucky, there are funny little birds I do not know the name of. They are small, like little balls, they have very short legs but they can run so fast one does not see the legs anymore. Of course I am faster. Too bad they can fly.

No matter what the weather is like: the beach is always the best place to go.



Chasing seagulls

I am a happy dog. My leg is healed, so I don’t have to wear this peculiar fashion item anymore. Although I kind of got used to it and even liked some of its features, I am glad I got rid of it.

We just returned from the beach. It was like it used to be before my holiday: empty, vast, wet. I ran and ran and chased seagulls. Nice! It is good to be home again.

Seagulls 3


It is hard to resist a temptation, when you are a dog. When I see something I like, I don’t usually think twice, I just go for it. For instance when I see a piece of sandwich lying beside the road. Or a tasty little crab on the beach. But this time I did hesitate, although the temptation was great. This was the temptation:

Seagulls 1

Big seagulls, loads of them! I wanted to chase them, but I had to run through the water to get to them and the water is very cold. So I stood still, trying to resist the urge to go to them.

Seagulls 2

But then I thought: if I run very fast and jump over the deepest pools, maybe I will not get too wet and cold. So I went for it! I accelerated (did I tell you I am the fastest dog on the beach?) and ran like lightning towards the big juicy birds. Of course they all flew away, that is what they always do. That is okay, chasing them is great fun. I love the way they hover above me, I love the spaciousness of the beach. It all makes me very happy.

Seagulls 3

In the end, I wasn’t too cold. As long as I run, I stay warm.




We were on the beach again, just now. The little crabs haven’t returned yet, but there is another asset on the beach I would like to tell you about. They are big and white and they fly beautifully, they seem to hover in the air without any effort. I wish I could do that! But, alas, one has to accept one’s limitations, I am learning as I am growing up.

Anyway, these big white birds are great for chasing. They sit and wait for me until I can almost bite their feathers. Then they spread their huge wings and rise majestically into the air. Not one of them, but all of them. It is a wonderful site. They hover above me, never flying away far, and when I turn my back on them they are on the water again. Which means I can turn around and do the same chasing, over and over again. It is a nice game, I really like it.

2014-10-03 15.31.37