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Sometimes I muse about what I would have become if I would have remained a stray dog. I suspect I would have lived my life with a pack, working together to get our food. Like I see packs of wild dogs doing on tv (yes, I watch tv. Of course, I am a city dog!)

When I see these wild dogs roaming the streets, I notice that the members of the pack all have their own specialization. Some of them are like scouts: exploring the surroundings, finding the best opportunities for food. When they find something that is worth it, they let the other members of the pack know and together they start the chase. I am certain that in a wild pack of dogs I would be one of those scouts. My nose, eyes and ears are exceptional: I sense opportunities sooner than most dogs. Besides that I am very fast. I can start a hunt and let the others follow me, figuring out our tactics as we go.

When I am out with my friends, the bandidos, I am a scout. I see potentially dangerous dogs (in which case Boss is coming to assist me), yummy seafood or humans carrying sandwiches or other food that is of interest to me. But unlike the scouts in the wild packs I do not wait for the bandidos to follow me: I take the juicy bits before any of them arrives.

Is that selfish? No way. We are very well fed city dogs, we do not need the food to survive as a pack. At the end of the day we all go home to our loving humans, who fill our stomachs with yummy things. And then we watch tv together. Yeah, life is good. I am glad I did not remain a stray dog.


Thanks for the pic, Nicoline!

Roots: ancient greek dogs

A lot of humans we meet are making wild guesses about my origins. Some say I must have greyhound blood in my veins, because my legs are so long and I am the fastest on the beach. Others think I am a mix greyhound – German Shepherd, because of my colours.

I never met my father or my mother, so I do not know what they looked like. I hear a lot of good things about greyhounds and German Shepherds, so it is nice some humans think I am a mix of both. It would mean I am a loyal friend to my human, a ferocious guarding dog and I could be a trained police dog and track down nasty criminals. With my greyhound blood I am the fastest of all and with my extremely sharp eyes and nose I can track hares and other tasty things from miles afar. That is all very nice and of course I can do it all! Although I never have gotten the chance of chasing criminals, but I am still young so maybe I will, one day.

Of course I don’t want to disappoint these humans: if they like to believe I am a mix of these breeds, that is fine with me. But the truth might be something different. You see, I am from Greece. In Greece there are some breeds the Dutch people here know nothing about. And if you take a close look, I look very much like these dogs. For instance, there is the Greek harehound, the Hellenikos Ichnilatis. It is a hunting dog, with the same ears and coloured coat I have. It is brave, outgoing, independent and intelligent and possesses the stamina and cunning necessary to face a wild boar, this website claims. That is me!!! Although I am not entirely sure how a wild boar looks, I never met one in person. Another Greek dog breed that looks like me is the Kritikos Lagonikos. It is build like a greyhound, where the Hellinikos Ichnilatis has the colours of a German Shepherd. Those two mixed together could very well be me.

Both dogs are ancient breeds, one from Greece, the other from Crete. I told you before I descend from a line of dogs that were hunting dogs for the nobility in the ancient times. I can prove it, too. There are some very old pictures of my ancestors. This is one:


It looks pretty exciting! This is another very old one:

The Laconian

Although I do not like the idea of someone drinking from my head, I guess this is okay since it is very old. Humans were a bit odd in those days, apparently. Do you notice the long nose? That is my nose all right:


So these dogs are most likely my ancestors. History can be very interesting, sometimes!


Like I told you, we are on holiday in France and we see a lot of medieval places. In the old days, the nobility lived in these castles. They had dogs, for hunting and guarding and company. In one of these castles we saw a drawing of this medieval life, the lady of the castle is having dinner. There is a dog with her, too. Do you see her? The dog of the lady of the castle! Here is the proof of my noble roots. Because this dog looks a lot like me: the same long legs, long nose and tail. Even the same ears! And she walks just like me, a beautiful proud dog. I knew all along I had noble roots, now I can prove it. My predecessors were the castle dogs of the medieval nobility!

Proof of my noble roots

Meet Boet

Some dogs can do it all. Guarding, hunting and digging holes. I am one of those dogs and so is Boet. Boet is my friend. When she was little, she looked almost as cute as I did:

Boet as a puppy

Now she is a bit older and her blue eyes turned brown, but she is still gorgeous:


Nice smile, hey? Her breed, the Frisian Stabij, originates from the north of The Netherlands and had to do everything: guarding and hunting. We both love to fetch balls and we both are clever and independent. Come to think of it: maybe she has royal roots, too. Of some ancient Frisian line? I’ll ask her, next time I see her.