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Alas, I did not get any hair extensions this Christmas. The hairdresser told us she needs something to weave these extensions into, and the hair on my ears is too short. This was a big disappointment, it made me really sad. Now I will never have these beautiful Saluki ears! But this morning all turned out well, because I got a really big present! This is it:

Snow 2

When we woke up, all the world was white. I do not know how M managed this, but she can do miracles, sometimes. I am really pleased with this present! I jumped around and ran and ran and put my nose in the fluffy white stuff. Awesome!

Snow 1

Strange day

There is something weird going on. M and P are usually good to me, but today they give me presents, out of the blue! This is what I just got:

2014-10-04 16.56.34

Strange looking thing, but it is for eating. Which I did, after playing with it first, of course:

2014-10-04 16.57.13

So now the strange looking thing is gone, but the strangeness of the day remains. Because it was not the first tasty thing I got today – I must have done something really good, although I can’t remember what. Well, it is nice to have me around, of course. I don’t have to do something in particular to deserve a reward, right? That must be it. M and P are just extremely¬†happy they are with me.