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No more hole

Last time I told you about my great new guarding spot. I had a big hole to guard our garden and house from! But something terrible has happened. My guarding hole is gone.

M filled it up and put plants on it. Plants! And some odd smelling thing with water in it. What a waste.

I am depressed. It was such a nice hole.


Today is a special day in Holland: it is King’s Day! This means there are a lot of festivities, especially markets. This morning M and P and I went to the traditional plants market in the centre of our town. There were a lot of, well, plants. And humans and smells. It was interesting. M dressed me up with a little orange collar, because orange is the colour of King’s Day. I don’t like be dressed up, but I guess this is okay. It is just a collar, not a sweater or something silly like that.


We went there by cargobike and I ran next to it most of the time! It was exciting and exhausting. When we came home I wanted to rest in my favorite snooze chair. But I was a bit distressed to see that my street had turned into some kind of parking lot. On the grass where I normally sniff and run and play suddenly a lot of cars had appeared!


M tells me there are loads of humans visiting our neighbourhood because of the market held here. Not the plant market, that is in the town centre, but a market where humans sell the things they do not need anymore, for cheap. So other humans can buy these things, things they probably do not need either but that is not the point, M tells me. It is something called bargain hunting and humans like that. Humans do puzzle me. Where is the fun in hunting for stuff you do not need? If they would hunt rabbits or foxes I would understand. But stuff?
Anyway, M tells me this market will be over by the end of the day and all the cars will be gone. Good. I need that grass tonight, for my toilet.

Posh place

Look where I was today:


I was at a very posh place, a real manor house! I went there with M. It was very busy, with lots of people. And flowers, everywhere!


M gathered a lot of stuff – plants, mostly. There were lots of other things. They even had a statue of me! How nice.


Unfortunately M did not take this with her. Maybe she does not need a statue of me, because she has me? I would have liked to have it next to my snoozebag, though. It is always a pleasure to know one has inspired an artist to make something grand.

In the end we had gathered a lot of plants. I’m glad we have a big car, so there was enough room left for me to lie down.


We had a very long drive, but finally we arrived home. I am tired now, so I will sleep the rest of the evening. Goodnight!