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To-do list

Although dogs live in the present, we do like to dream of wonderful things. So I made a list of my things-to-do. I like thinking up lists when I am snoozing in the sun. Lists of my favorite food and things that make me happy (which is the same thing, mostly).

Of course this list is an ongoing process, lets call this one my to-do list 1.0. I hear it is actually called a bucket list, although I do not understand what a bucket has got to do with it.

This is it:

1. Catching a pigeon (and eating it).

2. Finally attacking the Enemy, the dogs living next door. Their energy is so bad. And they are way too often trespassing my territory. I can’t wait to teach them a lesson.

3. Eating my favorite pizza.

4. Hunting antilope in Arabia, like the Salukis do.

5. Playing a part in a movie, with a very famous human (M says I have to choose George Clooney). Okay, I’ll be honest: I do not really want to do this, it seems kind of boring to me (sorry Mr. Clooney). But if I do, I can finally stop Hester bragging about her moviestar career.

6. The sun shining every day, making it at least 25 degrees Celsius. Preferably 30 degrees. From the moment  I wake up and get out of my snoozebag, till the time I go to bed.

7. A snoozebag on every floor in our house. And one in the campervan.

8. Fresh energy for my friend Zuid, so she will be young again and we can chase pigeons together.

9. An awesome ferocious Dobermann as a boyfriend, to show off on the beach. Or a proud Saluki. I can’t choose. Right: two boyfriends. We’ll all go to the beach, together! Then Boss can come, too.


A list of happy things

Dogs don’t get depressed. All right, sometimes we can be a bit grumpy, but most of the time we are content. I do not say happy, although some breeds seem to be happy all the time – labradors, to name one breed. I suspect they are born with their tales  wagging! They are happy with anything: a ball, a kind word, a cookie.

I am not that easily satisfied. I am an intelligent and independent dog, I do some thinking before I wag my tail. But there are certain things that make me instantly happy. Here is a list of them:

1. The sun shining directly on my favorite chair behind the window.

2. A slice of pizza where I did not expect it (on the road, in the forest, on the beach, in the car).

3. Going on an adventure with my human M.

4. Going on an adventure with my humans M and P.

5. My boy friend and my girl friend visiting me.

6. Sleeping in the sun and M waking me up because we are going to the beach for a second time!

7. Meeting my friends.

8. Little crabs.

Now I think of it, there are a lot of things that make me happy. Like I said: we dogs don’t get depressed. We just love life.  We are optimists by nature, always expecting things to stay as good as they are – and if they are not good, expecting them to get better.