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Nice run

Look at this:


This is what P and I just ran! Ten kilometers from our house through the dunes, and back. We did it in one hour and ten minutes. P calls it running, but actually it is more like jogging. For a human he isn’t too slow, but from a canine point of view this is not running of course. It is jogging.

I could run this distance in half the time, at least. Then the track would look a little different, because it would show all the side roads I took. There are a lot of beach clubs along this way and I would certainly scan them for yummy things. Hell, I could run this in half an hour with a stop at every beach club, including eating time! Next time, I’ll convince P to let me go off leash, so I can do just that.

I remember we ate some delicious things at these beach clubs and I want to check if they still have them. I will run at the beach club, jump over the table, gobble one or two croissants in the flight and be off. Before these humans realize what has happened, I am gone. I am fast.


Hazard free jogging

This blog is about humans. Humans jog, they don’t run – look at their pace! They are slow. That is not running. Dogs run.

Yesterday M was talking to a jogger we met on the beach. They discussed what to do when a dog reacts aggressive towards a jogger. It wasn’t about me, I never do that, of course I don’t! P and I go jogging together so I know what it is like. But some dogs do chase joggers.

The guy told M he had heard that when a dog growls at you and snaps at your legs, you have to confront him. You have to look him in the eye and shout at him to go away. Well…. I was relieved M told him this is a bad idea. When you do this, some dogs will back off, but the nasty ones will think you challenge them and they’ll attack you. I don’t think humans who like jogging consider dog wrestling part of their exercise (although it could be an interesting form of cross-training).

So what should you do? The solution is simple:  slow down to a walking pace. Never look the dog in the eye, but relax, walk on and pretend you are enjoying your walk. When there is some distance between you and the dog, start jogging again.

I know some humans hate to slow down when doing their exercise, but hey, it is a small effort compared to having to go to the doctor because a dog bit you. And by the way, slowing down gives you the opportunity to enjoy your surroundings. You can look at the sky and the beautiful trees around you! That is good for your health, too!

And yes, I know some humans will get angry because it is not their fault they meet a dog that does not behave correctly towards joggers. They’ve got a point. But in the real world, what are the options? You can stop and start arguing with the human of the bad mannered dog, but that won’t solve your problem and will probably not convince the human to go to a proper dog training (some humans never learn). I think this is a waste of time, so I’d suggest to all the joggers who read this: apply the simple solution I just gave you.

Oh, and there is something else. It is obvious but I’ll mention it anyway because sometimes humans can be really silly: do not go jogging in a dog park or on the dog beach when you are not comfortable with dogs. You might meet us.

Friends on the beach