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Pyjama nights

We are in the mountains again! Not just some mountains: we are in the highest part of the Alps, M tells me. We are camping at the roots of the Mont Blanc. That is an enormous mountain, topped with loads of ice and snow. The landscape is rough and so are the walks. I love running in rocky terrain, so I like it here. I do have to wait for M and P all the time, because they are slow. But I don’t mind, I am good at waiting.

Pijama nights 1

There is a downside to camping at the roots of mountains like this: the nights are very cold. I usually do not approve of clothing for dogs; I think humans are wrong to think we need clothes, since we are very well equipped to keep ourselves warm. We have fur, right? But in this case I am glad M brought me a pyjama, to keep me warm in the nights. My body is not made for icy mountain weather, so I kind of need this to get through the nights. It keeps me nice and warm, a bit like my snoozebag at home. Here we are, having breakfast in the freezing morning:

Pijama nights 2

However, as soon as the sun comes out it gets warm. So I get rid of my pyjama and lie basking in the warm sunlight. Nice.

Pijama nights 3

Wine and walks

We moved to another region in Italy, a pretty spot with hills and old towns perched on hilltops. They make a good wine here and that is why M and P wanted to come to this place. My humans like to mix good food and drink with nice walks. We are doing some fine hiking in this landscape.

Walk in Barolo

I like the walks. I do not care much about wine, but I do like bread. They happen to make fine bread here, too! It tastes like crunchy little white rolls. Lucky me!

Bread sticks 1

I am glad that M and P share these Italian bread sticks with me. Nice.

Bread sticks 2

Ciao bella!

We stayed for a long time in the German mountains and made some splendid walks. Now we are in a different country. There are mountains here too and beautiful lakes and very pretty gardens. Unfortunately most of these gardens have high fences around them, so it is impossible for me to research them and sample the grass. I do smell them, which is second best, I guess.

Ciao bella 1

We made a nice long walk to a mountain hut, from where we could see very far. M and P like that. Me, I enjoyed the smells coming from the mountain hut’s kitchen. I smelled cheese and ham!

Ciao bella 2

M tells me we are in Italy and people here speak Italian. A lot of humans we meet here like dogs, especially beautiful dogs like me. You know what they say to me? ‘Ciao bella!’. Which means ‘hello pretty lady’. That is very nice of them. Of course I know I am pretty, but I never get tired of hearing it. I think I like Italians.

Beach bed

We are having a good time in Italy. We walked to a pretty place, M and P had coffee and I drank some cool water. Then we walked back, we swam in the lake to cool down and rested in the shade. I like to rest in style and I am proud to say I have my very own beach bed. With little fish printed on it! Very beachy, don’t you think? One has to be stylish, always.


Pizza country

We finally went on holiday! And we went not to just any country, we went to pizza country! Italy. That’s nice. We are camping near the Garda lake, M tells me. We are on a pretty pitch:


There are lots of ducks here, but they don’t dare to come to our pitch so I can’t catch them. M and P have me on a leash here and these ducks are not stupid, alas. Anyway, I don’t mind it much, because one can eat other wonderful things here. Like pizza, of course! M and P ordered one of my favorites, pizza with prosciutto (that is Italian ham).

pizza in Bardolino

In the picture I just saw another dog approaching, I give him my special gaze thats tells him to back off. He got it, they always do. So the pizza was mine.