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Fun, companionship & love

The American dog whisperer Cesar Millan works with a formula that every dog owner who wants a friendly, balanced dog has to follow, in his opinion. It consists of three basic principles:

  1. Exercise
  2. Discipline
  3. Affection

In that order. So first you have to make sure your dog gets all the exercise she needs, then you have to discipline your dog (set rules and stuff like that) and after you have done all this, you should give her affection. The exercise part is for the body, discipline is for the mind and affection considers the heart, he writes.


I think it is nicely said and he probably did a lot of thinking to put a complex subject like this into three simple words. But from a dog’s perspective he is not entirely right. I would translate this formula in three different words, meaning different things. This is my formula:

  1. Fun
  2. Companionship
  3. Love

I will explain this. When you have a dog and you want a good relationship with her, you will have to work together. Of course this means exercising, but there is more to it. You don’t just walk her every day for one hour (with her on the leash and you chatting to other humans), but you go out on Adventures together. You have fun. That is how you get to know each other. You won’t need to set artificial rules, because you will learn what works best for both of you while doing it. It is a natural process! Having fun together builds a strong relationship. It is a matter of the body and the mind.


Companionship is about the mind. When you and your dog truly understand each other and you have a strong bond (because you have adventures!), you will be true companions. She will protect you and comfort you in times of sorrow, you will feed her and give her shelter. You will be a real team.

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Love (and respect) is what comes from fun & companionship. When you do all of the above, your dog will love you and you will love your dog. That is a matter of the heart. Although we dogs do not distinct body from mind and heart, in our opinion they are one and the same.


When you follow this formula, you will not only have a balanced dog, but a friend for life. That is worth some effort, isn’t it?





I love to play. Dogs play a lot together. We like it rough, so sometimes humans think we are fighting, as I explained in this blog. This is because when we play we have fun but we measure forces, too.

We also like to play with our humans. In a way this is measuring forces, for instance when we play tug of war. In this game we test how strong you are! Dogs play tug of war together too, you know. When I was little, I really liked to tug at a large stick held by a strong dog. Preferably a German Shepherd or a Rottweiler, because they are such a good sport. Of course I was not strong enough to carry this stick on my own, but that was not the point. The point was that these large dogs got very distressed, they wanted to snap at me but they could not, because then they would have to drop the stick. So in the end I would tug at the stick and they would hold the other end of it, growling and looking bewildered because this puppy tried to challenge them. Nice game.

There are some special games we only do with humans and these games are just for fun. I play a lot with M and P. For instance they hide some doggy snacks in an egg carton and I have to get the snacks out (easy). Or they hide something in the house and I have to find it. When it is on the floor I bring it back to them, when it is on a table or something I point my nose towards it, for them to see it. Actually it is a silly game, because why should I help them finding something they hid it in the first place… but well, we like playing together.

Of course we do ball games and a lot of other fun stuff, too. M managed to take a picture of one of my favorite games. Do you know what it is? Dancing!

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