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My leg is healing well, but a bit slow. So I am still wearing this peculiar fashion item. However, I am getting used to it and discovered some features that aren’t too bad.

  1. It is kind of handy as a cushion. When I lie down, I can rest my head on it and it feels really comfortable.
  2. It is a great place to catch and store food. When I feel hungry, I only have to lower my head and the food falls out, ready for eating.
  3. It is a tool for opening the curtain of beads that is hanging in our kitchen door. It took some time to figure it out, but I found out that the best way to go through the curtain is this: I run, lower my head and as soon as I hear the beads touching this fashion item I thrust my head high up and the beads part without any difficulty. Easy.
  4. One can play several fun games with it. Like walking behind M or P on the stairs and pushing them at the back of their legs when passing them half way down. In a casual way of course, not like I meant to do that. I can’t help it, I have to get used to this item, right? Of course they understand.
  5. The item is also very convenient when one has to air ones ears. Otherwise this takes kind of an effort, using your ear muscles and all that. That is not necessary now.

kraag 2

Peculiar fashion item

We are home again! The holiday was awesome, but I am glad to be in my own house again. Happily everything looks all right here, Boss did a good job guarding my place. Thank you, Boss!

I am happy to be home again, but I am a bit upset too. Because as soon as we arrived in Holland, M drove me to the doctor and they dressed me up in a most peculiar fashion item.


M tells me I have to wear this because of my most recent adventure. On one of our last days in Austria we were hiking in a place with lots of mountain cats. They are big and fat and they make a fantastic noise when they see you approaching. They are great for chasing and there were lots of them! I could not resist the temptation, of course (why should I? Temptations are not meant to resist) so I ran after them. There was one particularly big one waiting for me:


I did not like his look, so I chased him – hard. However he ran into a hole, the coward. I am too big for these holes, so I had to give up chasing. Then, when I returned to M and P, I got attacked by some invisible defence mechanism! I was taken by surprise, I must admit. These mountain cats must be more clever than they look, if they can make that kind of equipment.

I jumped and managed to get rid of this mechanism, but I did hurt my leg. And that is why I have to wear this odd looking item now, M tells me. When my leg is healed, they will take it off. I hope it will heal soon. I feel a bit awkward with this thing around my head.