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No more cargobike

There is some sad news I have to share with you. My cargobike is gone. It was broken beyond repair, M tells me. That is a real shame, because I loved that bike. I especially loved being driven around in it.

My cargobike

I felt like a princess! Now I have to use different sorts of transport. For instance, this:


We drove this one to the beach this morning. Which was nice, of course. The beach is always nice.


We still have a car, my favorite campervan, but M hardly uses that for our everyday transport. Instead we take public transport, like the big thing on the pic above. This means I have to share my vehicle with all kinds of smelly humans and stupid canines I do not even know. That doesn’t suit me. So I am glad we usually bike. That is: M bikes, I run beside her. Which is okay, I like running. But I do miss my cargobike. I hope M and P will buy me a new one. Hey, it is my birthday next month, so I could ask for a new cargobike! Now that is a thought…

Awesome weekend

I have an awesome weekend because my boy-friend is here! He is a really cool kid. We went out together in my cargobike:


We went to the beach! We played frisbee:


He can throw really far! We also did some swimming, although the water was cold – but that won’t stop us, we are tough!


We played for hours and hours. After that, we rested in the sun. I gave him my bed, so he had something soft to sleep on.


It is very, very nice. I really love him.


My cargobike

Dutch people cycle a lot. They use their bikes for practically anything: going to work, to friends, to do some shopping. We have all sorts of bikes here, especially different kinds of cargobikes. Some humans bring their kids to school using a cargobike, others use them for groceries or their pets. Some do it all at once, they transport their stuff and kids and dog in one cargobike. Very cosy.

My cargobike

I am very fond of my cargobike. It is a solid one and it has a removable part on the front, so I can get in and out easily. I could jump in, of course, but M won’t have me do that. When we go out, I sometimes run next to the bike and sometimes I sit in it. Humans smile when they see me, M tells me it looks sweet. Sweet! Pfwah. These humans obviously do not know sitting in my cargobike is hard work.

I have to guard the bike. Check that our route is safe. There might be other bikes or cars that could be a danger. We might meet bad mannered dogs that try to attack us. We might hit a pigeon flying too low (I hope this will happen one day). Or a dangerous cat, crossing the road. I see all kinds of dangers looming around the next corner. M does not notice this, she is biking at leisure. That is good, it is the way it is supposed to be. She should be relaxed and have no worries, because I am guarding her. I am a ferocious guarding dog! So how can humans think I look sweet, sitting in this bike? I think I have a problem with my image. I’ll ask my personal trainer what to do about it.

Cargobike special

Look what we found on our walk this week:

Cargobike herring

It is an old fashioned cargobike that is used to transport herring! You know, the absolutely delicious delicacy the Dutch eat – and so do I? This cargobike was parked outside a fish shop (I couldn’t believe we just walked by and M did not buy fish for me, but we did. What a shame).

I think the flowery things are not on the bike when they use it for transporting fish, because that would make no sense. I do know what would be good to transport with the fish: me! I am a ferocious guarding dog, I am especially good at guarding food.  So they can hire me, next time they do a transport! That would be nice. And sensible. They don’t even have to pay me much, just some fish would be fine.


Girl friend

I told you earlier I have one human friend, his name is Mats. But it turns out I have a girl friend too!!! Her name is Karin and she is the niece of M and P. She lives in the United States and she came visiting us the past days. We did all kind of wonderful things together.

We went to the beach! We shared my cargobike for this:

2014-10-20 13.42.37

We went to the beach together twice, even in the storm yesterday. We ran together and bounced a lot and she threw balls for me. And we did not stop playing when we got home, oh no! She kept on playing with me, from the time she woke up until she went to bed. It was very, very nice. M told us we are two little bouncing balls and that is true!

Karin will be returning to the States in a couple of days, she told me. That is too bad – she does not have her own dog there, only a troop of cats! Anyway, I hope she will visit us again soon. I am a very happy dog now, because I have a boy friend and a girl friend!