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Posh place

Look where I was today:


I was at a very posh place, a real manor house! I went there with M. It was very busy, with lots of people. And flowers, everywhere!


M gathered a lot of stuff – plants, mostly. There were lots of other things. They even had a statue of me! How nice.


Unfortunately M did not take this with her. Maybe she does not need a statue of me, because she has me? I would have liked to have it next to my snoozebag, though. It is always a pleasure to know one has inspired an artist to make something grand.

In the end we had gathered a lot of plants. I’m glad we have a big car, so there was enough room left for me to lie down.


We had a very long drive, but finally we arrived home. I am tired now, so I will sleep the rest of the evening. Goodnight!