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My own club

My fame is spreading! I am really proud to see they even named a beach club after me. My own club!

Awesome, don’t you think?

I was very pleased to see that they are serving the right stuff, too (the bowl of fresh bubbles with ice & a slice of lemon are out of view, on the floor).

Life is great!

Cup of dog

My humans are great coffee lovers. I like coffee myself, being a Greek dog I prefer it hot and with some texture to grind between my teeth. P prefers Italian coffee like espresso, preferably made from fair trade beans roasted by small artisanal coffee makers. M likes that too, but in a creamy latte. Yes, my humans make a great fuss about food and drinks. I totally understand, food is my top priority, too! Although I do not mind who made it, as long as I get it.

So this is what happens (a lot) when we go for a walk. We walk and I run and we walk and then we sit down to have a nice drink and sometimes some food, too. This time I was alone with P. Usually I have to scan the surroundings to make sure we are safe. The beach was deserted, as you can see, so I had plenty of time to look cute for the picture.



Nice run

Look at this:


This is what P and I just ran! Ten kilometers from our house through the dunes, and back. We did it in one hour and ten minutes. P calls it running, but actually it is more like jogging. For a human he isn’t too slow, but from a canine point of view this is not running of course. It is jogging.

I could run this distance in half the time, at least. Then the track would look a little different, because it would show all the side roads I took. There are a lot of beach clubs along this way and I would certainly scan them for yummy things. Hell, I could run this in half an hour with a stop at every beach club, including eating time! Next time, I’ll convince P to let me go off leash, so I can do just that.

I remember we ate some delicious things at these beach clubs and I want to check if they still have them. I will run at the beach club, jump over the table, gobble one or two croissants in the flight and be off. Before these humans realize what has happened, I am gone. I am fast.


A three day hike

Last time I told you I was probably up to a new Adventure and I was right! We went on a three day hike. We started at our house and went to the sea. There was a thick mist which made the surroundings a bit mysterious for M and P. Not for me, I use my nose and ears as much as I use my eyes. I knew exactly where we were going.


We went to the beach and I ran to keep myself warm – and because I was happy, because it looked like we were going on a long hike. M and P had these packs on their backs, which usually is good news. It means we are going to walk for hours. We had lunch at a beach club and then continued our hike through the dunes. The mist cleared and it became sunny.


Then we went to the beach again. I ran some more, rolled in smelly sea food (no good for eating anymore, but fabulous for perfuming your body) and I met other dogs, whom I greeted politely.


It became a bit tricky when the tide came in. I had to help P cross the ocean:


Then we sat down again at another beach club and I finally could take a nap.


While M and P enjoyed this. I don’t know what it is, but they drink it al lot so I guess they like it:


After my nap we walked just a little further to our hotel. It was a cosy place, where I discovered that M and P had not taken my snoozebag with them, but some flimsy blanket to lie on. I was very disappointed when I found out. So I decided to snooze on the bed. I am not allowed on the bed, but when I keep my hind legs on the floor it is not really lying on the bed, is it?


In the end, I did sleep on the flimsy blanket. Too bad. The next day, we started out on the beach again. I found a huge stick!


Like the day before, we walked on the beach and in the dunes. It was nice, although a bit cold with a strong wind blowing from the sea.


We went to a new place and stayed in a different hotel. This morning we started from there. It was nice and sunny.


We went along the beach for a short while, then walked to the dunes and into the woods. I was off leash most of the time, so I could run and sniff around. I smelled rabbits and deer and cyclists.


Then the landscape changed. There were more houses and traffic and noise and I knew we were entering a city. A nice city though, with lots of tasty fat ducks in the little canals.


From there we took one of those swoooish things called trains and we went back home. It was amazing how fast we were home again. It was still there and I was lucky, because the sun was shining on my favorite chair. So I stretched my long legs and dozed in the sun, for the rest of the day. This was an Adventure.

Bad joke

Something very strange is going on. M and I made a long walk on the beach and I was really enjoying myself, running after crows and seagulls and snacking on all the tasty sea food that was gathered on the sand.

It did not occur to me immediately, but after a while I realized that something was missing. To be precise, this:

2014-10-25 12.57.47

This is our favorite beach club of the season, M and P and I went there a lot. But suddenly, it is gone! This is what is left of it:

2014-11-12 14.46.59

A totally empty space! Of course I can still smell all the wonderful things that were eaten here, the people that came here a lot, the spilt beer. But these scents are fading fast.

What happened?