Meet Bubbles

Bubbles blogging

My name is Bubbles and I am a dog. My human, I will call her M, is a writer. As a writer’s dog, I write too. Of course! Are you surprised?

I was born as a stray dog in Athens, Greece. Now I live in Holland and I am a wealthy city dog. I have loads of soft beds, a warm house, plenty of food and my own blog. So you can say my story is a happy one.

In Athens me and my brothers and sisters were found and brought to a shelter, where I lived the first four months of my life. Then I came to Holland and M and P adopted me. They called me Bubbles because “everything in life is better with Bubbles”. I guess they are part joking and part serious – I wouldn’t know about that. But I am glad they are happy having me around, because my life here is better than back in Greece. In the shelter I had caring people and a lot of rough friends, but it is not a place to stay for the rest of your life. Besides, I have Ambitions. That is what this blog is about.

8 thoughts on “Meet Bubbles”

  1. I’m so happy to follow you now, I’m Kiesja, the Australian Labradoodle (or presently The Australian Cobberdog) If you need a photograph of me, I’ll be happy to send you one!

  2. Hi Bubbles! (and Bubbles’ human!),

    My name’s Joanie and I’m a mini dachshund; my human, Rachel, is working on building a startup website for dog bloggers & pet parents to share content & discuss how wonderful we dogs are! Anyway, my human would really appreciate it if you’d ask your human if she’s interested in contributing, because she really likes your blog! If so, please ask your human to email mine at rachel [at]

    I hate that we have to be the middle-pups all the time, but hey! Nice to meet you!

    ❤ Joanie
    (and thanks! Rachel)

  3. Hi Bubbles i am Leda and I am from Greece too.I read your stories since day one.And I must admit i adore you.Thank God you are here to learn to our humans what we want,how we feel,how we perceive the world around us and how they should treat us.You are right when you say’ I have Ambitions’ you are the best dog writer and i look forward to read more of your adventures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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