M and I have been exploring the surroundings of our house for a long time now – M says for 3,5 years. And still we find new places! I think that is amazing.

Take this spot. We were walking in the dunes, we go there often, and took a narrow path that winds through the tall grass . It lead us to this lovely spot:

New places

It had lots of odd looking prickly plants and nice soft sand. The wind carried the salty smell of the sea, which is never far off where I live. Nice! You see: we do not have to go far to have adventures. Just keep exploring!

2 thoughts on “Discoveries”

  1. Lovely! I miss the smell of the sea as I’m in de Achterhoek now. Good things here are the neighbours, cows, and hazes passing by!
    Something else… I feel ashamed of my boss… hard to admit. She told M recently that I’m conflict avoiding; how dares she. I have American Bulldog in my genes! Grrrrr, grrrrr

    1. Conflict avoiding, ha! I think she talks of herself. Humans are extremely cautious when it comes to conflict, they never want to fight – instead they have other ways of getting what they want. Like gossiping. Too bad! They could learn from us dogs: we love a good fight. It makes life much easier to have a good fight now and then. I know you feel the same. And I know you like a good fight too, we used to have nice ones, didn’t we? You’re a tough cookie. It must be these American Bulldog ancestors… Although I always won our fights, of course.

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