Sweet girl / bad girl

Today, on the beach, a human asked M if I was ‘a sweet dog’. She said yes – of course she did, she is my human! But we both thought this was a strange question. You see: no dog is sweet or mean or ill tempered all the time. We are like humans, how we behave depends on the situation.

I can be a very sweet and well behaved dog if I want to.


I can be polite and gentle.


But I can be very mean, too. If that is the best thing to do in a specific situation!

Bubbles holiday2

This last pic is of me and my friend Jip. We have an argument now and then, but we can be playful and friendly too if we want to.

So, the best answer to the question ‘is your dog sweet?’ is: ‘sometimes’. But that is a kind of answer that puzzles humans, because it is neither ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Humans do not like that kind of uncertainty, I noticed. If M would give them this answer those humans would ask her what she means and she would have to explain and before you know it she has to talk for a long time. Which is a waste of time, in our opinion. So she says ‘yes’ – or ‘no’, when we do not like the other human and want to get rid of him/her as soon as possible. Then we move on and use our time for the better things in life. Like walking on the beach.

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