Assisting the police

I had a great adventure: I helped the police! This is what happened. M and I were walking in the dunes and we saw something suspicious. M informed the police and they asked us to come help them search. Of course they know I am a very good searcher, my nose is excellent. That is why they asked us – M had to come too because she is my human.

They picked us up in a police car and we drove to the beach and then we drove on the beach: I was driven on my favorite beach in a police car! Cool. This was it:

Police adventure 1

We got out and started searching. One police officer looked in the dunes, the other one on the beach, but I could tell them they were looking in the wrong place – they had to be near the fence:

Police adventure 2

I showed them where they had to look and they started digging and…. found a set of burglars tools!

It was so cool that I thought about enlisting in their service, so they can benefit from my excellent searching capacities more often. I am sure they are very happy to employ me. But then I heard that being a police-search-dog is a lot of work and it comes with loads of obligations. Apparently one can not say: sorry I won’t search for you today because the sun is shining on my favorite snooze-chair. So after some good thinking I have decided not to enlist. They will be very disappointed but hey, that’s life.

I will tell all my friends of my adventure. They will be so proud of me!

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