Salty air

Yesterday AND the day before M was so busy that she did not have time to walk with me! She has been looking at this luminous device for hours on end. While outside the sun was shining! Jeez. What is it with humans that they can’t get their priorities right?

I tried to get her attention, of course. I ran around the rooms, dragging Chuck with me. I jumped up and down in front of M. I made special noises to emphasize the importance of Going Out. It did not work. Until today. I am glad to say that we just returned from the beach, both M and I.


It was glorious, as usual. I ran and fetched balls and got my toes wet. M walked and breathed the healthy salty air. She told me we will go to the beach together again every day, from now on. I’ll remind her of that promise! Starting maybe… at seven in the morning, every morning? So she won’t forget.

By the way, this is what she was so busy with. M wrote a book, a thriller, for an organization. She is kind of proud about it, so I am too.


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