Bad news

Look what happened:


Chuck left the sofa. M took him and put him on my bed, telling me that he does not belong on the sofa and should lie on the doggy bed, just like me.

Both Chuck and I are very disappointed. We are thinking about Plan C, but our creativity runs low at this point. Maybe you have any suggestions? We definitely want to lie on the sofa!

4 thoughts on “Bad news”

  1. You are very clever Bubbles you have so many plans about your goals…. but i believe that this time you got to respect M and P’s will(not being allowed on the sofa).Sometimes you got to back off and make them happy by doing obedience.

    1. Oi Leda, what are you talking about??! Obedience… ugh! I don’t like that word. Although…. I do have to choose my battles, so I could leave the couch alone and focus on something else I want even more badly… like finally attacking the neighbors’ dogs! Do you think M will let me do that when I am obedient on the couch-thing?

  2. I believe they won’t let you do so.My humans don’t let me attack.They even reprove my bark when i meet other dogs on our walk in the park.What other goals do you have?

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