Plan B

I am content with my life with M and P, most of the time. Although there are a couple of things that need improvement. Being allowed on the sofa is one thing. On Facebook I see pictures of happy dogs on sofas and sometimes I meet a dog who is boasting about the couch cuddles he receives from his human, happily sitting on the sofa together, watching tv. Then I mumble something like ‘yeah I know what you are barking about, our sofa is gloriously soft too and I sleep on it for hours and hours’.

But alas, that is not so. I was allowed on the sofa when living with my foster family. As soon as I entered M and P’s house and jumped on their sofa to test it, they put me back on the ground. Again and again. Friendly, but persistent. So I know what it is like, lying on a soft sofa, but I am denied that luxury now.

That is why I made up a plan. You can call it Plan B, since Plan A – jumping on their sofa the moment I entered the house – did not work. Plan B involves Chuck, my new prey. When M and P weren’t looking, I positioned him on their sofa. Like this:


When I came in the living room this morning, he was still there. This can only mean one thing: M and P don’t mind to share their sofa. With Chuck, yes. But that is a start. Once they get used to the idea of sharing the sofa, they won’t mind if I use it too. I will modestly lie in a corner of the couch at first and then I will gradually increase the space I am using until I can lie gloriously in the middle of the sofa, between M and P. It is big enough for that, you know.

I strongly believe in my plan. I mean: when they let Chuck lie on the sofa, why wouldn’t they let me? It would be totally unfair if I still had to lie on the floor.  And M and P are fair humans, I am certain about that.

So I hope that the next selfie I will publish will be a selfie of me on the sofa. A sofaselfie! I’ll keep you informed.

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