Awesome weekend

I have an awesome weekend because my boy-friend is here! He is a really cool kid. We went out together in my cargobike:


We went to the beach! We played frisbee:


He can throw really far! We also did some swimming, although the water was cold – but that won’t stop us, we are tough!


We played for hours and hours. After that, we rested in the sun. I gave him my bed, so he had something soft to sleep on.


It is very, very nice. I really love him.


The power of rest

I like to relax. In fact, all animals do. When you take a close look at us, you will see that we are active during a small part of the day. I mean really active, when we run and hunt hares and bite burglars and play. The rest of the day we rest. We sleep, we snooze, we doze.


And that is fine. What is more: it is necessary in order to stay healthy. Humans don’t differ that much from animals, they need to rest too. The odd thing is: they don’t rest enough. They are doing loads of things that aren’t logical from a canine point of view. They have to work, okay. I don’t understand why, but they all do so apparently there is a necessity to work in the human world. But then, in the time they should be resting, they do the most silly things. They look at luminous devices for hours on end, which isn’t relaxing at all with these lights en noises. They go shopping, which means buying stuff they don’t need because their houses are all ready full of things they never use. They are busy in their houses doing things that are totally useless, like cleaning – why bother? It will get dirty again!

I am surprised by all this. Sometimes I hear humans telling each other about their hobbies, all of them time and money (also hugely important in the human world) consuming things. They do it because they want to relax, they say. I don’t get it. The best way to relax is to rest. You can do it anywhere, anytime. It costs nothing at all. Humans should try it! It is good for them and for us who live with them, because more rest means less stress. And we all know it is better to live with relaxed humans.

So please, my human readers: rest more. Sleep, snooze, doze. Even better: relax together with your canine friend. Cosy!

Samen relaxen


Great weekend

I had a great weekend. M and P packed the campervan – again. They just can’t get enough of it, apparently. It is nice to be with humans who like to go on an Adventure so often! This is where we went:


A campsite inside a national park in the Netherlands. It is a very pretty spot, green and quiet. What is extra special about this park: they have bikes, free to use for visitors. M and P both took a bike and I ran beside them (I’m not very good at cycling, I rather run). That is how we explored the park.


M tells me I ran about 35 kilometers in this entire weekend. That’s a lot! I liked it, but it was a bit exhausting, too. It is good we stopped often, to relax.


We explored the great woods in the park….


We got up very early to see the sun rise above the moorlands.


We even encountered some wildlife. There is a lot of game in this park, I smelled it all around us.


It was a great weekend. Another Adventure!




Yesterday we did a different walk. M and I go out every day for a long walk, usually we go to the forest and the dunes and the beach. But yesterday we did a tree-walk! M gathered with some other humans and a guide and we walked for two hours, in search of trees.


That is funny. Trees are not hard to find, you know. They just stand there, they are not going anywhere. But the guide knew a lot of interesting stories about trees and the neighborhood we were walking in, so M was happy. I liked it too. It is nice to do a walk with a pack of humans (or dogs, or both), it makes me feel connected. The guide showed us a lot of different trees and told about the difference in leafs and seeds and all that.


I also liked this pack of humans, because they truly explored.  A lot of humans seem to blunder through life, not noticing anything. But these people really looked at the trees, touched them and smelled them. Which is the right thing to do of course, when you really want to discover the world! They even pulled some weeds out of a lawn and I assisted them by digging a big hole.

Anyway, the walk was nice. I hope we will do it again and then also taste some of the things we find. And climb into the best trees. That will be even more of an exploration.

Tree-walk 2

By the way, this was an odd thing. A human helped this tree, which is falling down, by putting a pole underneath it! Humans can be very silly. Although I smelled that a lot of dogs really appreciate it. It is the canine message board of the neighborhood.

Thanks for the pics, Maurits Burgers!


My leg is healing well, but a bit slow. So I am still wearing this peculiar fashion item. However, I am getting used to it and discovered some features that aren’t too bad.

  1. It is kind of handy as a cushion. When I lie down, I can rest my head on it and it feels really comfortable.
  2. It is a great place to catch and store food. When I feel hungry, I only have to lower my head and the food falls out, ready for eating.
  3. It is a tool for opening the curtain of beads that is hanging in our kitchen door. It took some time to figure it out, but I found out that the best way to go through the curtain is this: I run, lower my head and as soon as I hear the beads touching this fashion item I thrust my head high up and the beads part without any difficulty. Easy.
  4. One can play several fun games with it. Like walking behind M or P on the stairs and pushing them at the back of their legs when passing them half way down. In a casual way of course, not like I meant to do that. I can’t help it, I have to get used to this item, right? Of course they understand.
  5. The item is also very convenient when one has to air ones ears. Otherwise this takes kind of an effort, using your ear muscles and all that. That is not necessary now.

kraag 2

Peculiar fashion item

We are home again! The holiday was awesome, but I am glad to be in my own house again. Happily everything looks all right here, Boss did a good job guarding my place. Thank you, Boss!

I am happy to be home again, but I am a bit upset too. Because as soon as we arrived in Holland, M drove me to the doctor and they dressed me up in a most peculiar fashion item.


M tells me I have to wear this because of my most recent adventure. On one of our last days in Austria we were hiking in a place with lots of mountain cats. They are big and fat and they make a fantastic noise when they see you approaching. They are great for chasing and there were lots of them! I could not resist the temptation, of course (why should I? Temptations are not meant to resist) so I ran after them. There was one particularly big one waiting for me:


I did not like his look, so I chased him – hard. However he ran into a hole, the coward. I am too big for these holes, so I had to give up chasing. Then, when I returned to M and P, I got attacked by some invisible defence mechanism! I was taken by surprise, I must admit. These mountain cats must be more clever than they look, if they can make that kind of equipment.

I jumped and managed to get rid of this mechanism, but I did hurt my leg. And that is why I have to wear this odd looking item now, M tells me. When my leg is healed, they will take it off. I hope it will heal soon. I feel a bit awkward with this thing around my head.

Mountain friend

Sometimes you find friends where you least expect them. We were hiking in the mountains (we are still in Austria) and we came to a very pretty spot:


We walked to the hut and the lake and there was a dog waiting for me! She was energetic and friendly, so we started playing.

Bergersee play 1

She lives at the hut near the lake, she has an awesome life. Just imagine: living in a hut high up in the mountains, roaming free all day, hunting animals and swimming when you feel like it! She showed me the best parts of the water to play in and we chased each other through the muddy juicy grass.

Bergersee play 2

It was great. After a while M told me we had to go, so I stopped our play and joined M on our walk back to the campsite. My new friend saw us off. Goodbye, mountain dog! It was nice to meet you.

Bergersee goodbye

Cheese country

We moved again and now we are in Austria! There are still mountains here, which is great. I love mountains. We walk a lot and on one of these walks we passed the Italian border, M told me. So we went to Italy and back in one minute. This is M, standing on what is called a border stone. The Ö means that side is Austria, on the other side there was an I (this doesn’t make sense to me, but apparently humans understand).

Border stone

Anyway, I don’t care about borders, but I am interested in the culinary traditions of the countries I visit. Italy is pizza country, as everyone knows. Croatia is squid territory, in Slovenia I tasted delicious ham and sausages and Austria turns out to be cheese country! M and P bought a lot of cheese in a little village we visited and they shared it with me. I think I really like this country, too!

Cheese country