We are on a pretty campsite near the sea and our spot is, how shall I call it… challenging. From a guarding perspective, that is. This is what it looks like where we are now, this is the view from our camper van:


You can see the sea, some islands in the distance, a few boats. Between the stony beach and our camping spot there is a path. It usually is a very busy path, with lots of humans walking and cycling by. Some have dogs. There even is a bad mannered black cat lurking around here. You can imagine I am very busy because M and P chose this spot. I have to guard all day. It is tiring. I mean: I am on holiday too! I would like to rest! Jeez. I hope they will pick a more quiet spot on our next campsite.


One thought on “Guarding”

  1. Stop complaining Bubbles… you´re on a wonderful spot! Relax…
    Yesterday I almost flew in the air in a terrible stormy weather…!! Ask M about Tante Pollewop, She will tell you about her. It was terrifying!
    Have a nice holiday and give my greetings to M & P


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