I thought we were having a lazy holiday, lying in the sun and all that, but it turns out to be an active one, too! We moved from Croatia to Slovenia. It is cooler here and there are mountains! And a huge lake. M tells me it is called the lake of Bohinj. She says I was here earlier, two years ago on our first holiday together. It is a very pretty spot.

Lake Bohinj

It is a place to have really cool Adventures. We made a nice walk in the dense woods surrounding the lake. It was quite adventurous, as you can see. M and P had to climb over obstacles like this – no problem for me of course, I just jump over them. And I wait politely for M and P to follow me.

Woods of Bohinj

We also explored the lake and its small beaches by canoe! I love to travel in a canoe, I did it before, you know. I am totally relaxed on the water. I just jump in and scan the surroundings for ducks and dangers, while M and P are splashing our way over the deep waters. It was splendid.



All right, so I finally got the holiday feeling. I gave up on the guarding, at least: I don’t guard the path that is between the stony beach and our camper van anymore. It is way too busy to guard. I decided to guard our spot and that’s it. When someone enters our spot, I will chase him away. Maybe they think they can enter our camper van because I am sleeping, but they are dead wrong on that. I can go from totally relaxed to utterly mean in a split second. Every dog can. I guess most burglars know that, so they will not enter a camper van with a dog sleeping in front of it.


Anyway, it is okay like this. I can do some napping, preferably in the sun. It is hot here. Nice!


We are on a pretty campsite near the sea and our spot is, how shall I call it… challenging. From a guarding perspective, that is. This is what it looks like where we are now, this is the view from our camper van:


You can see the sea, some islands in the distance, a few boats. Between the stony beach and our camping spot there is a path. It usually is a very busy path, with lots of humans walking and cycling by. Some have dogs. There even is a bad mannered black cat lurking around here. You can imagine I am very busy because M and P chose this spot. I have to guard all day. It is tiring. I mean: I am on holiday too! I would like to rest! Jeez. I hope they will pick a more quiet spot on our next campsite.



We are still in Croatia and we moved from the inland (truffle country) to the sea. That means we are in squid territory now! I was hoping to get the change to eat new things this holiday and I am glad M and P honoured my wishes. This is what we eat here:


M and P like it very much and they share it with me. It is grilled squid and it tastes de-li-cious.


I thought it might be a good idea to help M and P a bit, by catching some squid myself. I was planning to do some squid hunting, I am sure there are lots of squids in the sea here. So I looked very carefully into the deep waters. I saw one, but it was very little so not worth getting wet all over.


In the end I did not find a juicy squid that was big enough. Too bad. It turns out to be an easier option for M and P to buy grilled squid in a restaurant and share it with me. Well, at least I tried.


Truffle hunting dogs

We travelled a bit farther and now we are in another country, M says it is called Croatia. I was a bit sad when we left pizza country, but it turns out they have pizza here, too! And a lot of other, also very tasteful stuff. M tells me the region we are in now is Istria and Istria is known for its splendid food. Like game, cheese and truffles. And raw ham, a bit like the ham they have in Italy. It tastes wonderful, I can tell you. This is what I ate yesterday:

Istrian food

All right, I’ll be honest: it is what M ate. But I got a big part of it! It is cheese with truffles, truffle spread on bread and prsut, the Istrian ham. Delicious.

Truffles are a kind of mushroom and they grow underground. Here they have special dogs to find them. I met some of them today, when we were taking a walk. They are trained to find truffles, which isn’t too hard because you can smell a truffle from miles afar. At least, I can and so do these dogs. Did you ever smell a truffle? Not a very subtle odor, you must agree. Anyway, these dogs find the truffles for their humans, just like hunting dogs find game. Only truffles don’t run away, so it is much easier to do.

The walk we made was nice. The town where we are now is very old. It smells of cats and humans and truffles.


Beach bed

We are having a good time in Italy. We walked to a pretty place, M and P had coffee and I drank some cool water. Then we walked back, we swam in the lake to cool down and rested in the shade. I like to rest in style and I am proud to say I have my very own beach bed. With little fish printed on it! Very beachy, don’t you think? One has to be stylish, always.


Pizza country

We finally went on holiday! And we went not to just any country, we went to pizza country! Italy. That’s nice. We are camping near the Garda lake, M tells me. We are on a pretty pitch:


There are lots of ducks here, but they don’t dare to come to our pitch so I can’t catch them. M and P have me on a leash here and these ducks are not stupid, alas. Anyway, I don’t mind it much, because one can eat other wonderful things here. Like pizza, of course! M and P ordered one of my favorites, pizza with prosciutto (that is Italian ham).

pizza in Bardolino

In the picture I just saw another dog approaching, I give him my special gaze thats tells him to back off. He got it, they always do. So the pizza was mine.

Note to burglar

We are not on holiday yet, but M told me we will leave soon. I am thrilled! I was a bit worried, however, too. Because when I am gone, who will guard our house? M told me they rented the place, so other humans will stay in our house. They have no dog, she assured me, but I buried my bone in the garden when M wasn’t looking. Just to be sure.

There are humans staying in our house, but will they be capable of guarding the house in a way that is sufficient? I doubt it. So I found a solution to that problem: I asked my good friend Boss to keep an eye on it in my absence. He said he would be delighted to do so. He truly is a great friend.

So when you are a burglar and you are reading this: please feel free to try breaking into our house. You will give Boss a good time. By the way, this is what he looks like:


Imagine that piece of wood in his mouth being your arm or leg? Right. Happy guarding, Boss!


Adventure ahead

Uh-oh. This is what I just saw in our house. My humans are packing, big time!


This can mean only one thing: we are going to have a Big Adventure. I think we are going on a holiday! And I am sure I am coming with M and P, because they are packing my stuff, too. I saw my food and mountain walking gear amidst these things! Oh yeah.

I am very excited about this. I like going on an Adventure, especially with M and P. I will smell new things, meet other dogs and hopefully some foxes too! I will taste new things, like…. sea food I haven’t tasted before. Squid? Lobster? That would be nice. Oh, I can’t wait, I hope we will go soon! And I hope we will see the mountains again, I love mountains!

I love mountains

Of course I will let you know all about my Adventures. Just don’t count on a picture of a juicy squid, I’ll gobble it before I can take a selfie-with-squid.