Nice run

Look at this:


This is what P and I just ran! Ten kilometers from our house through the dunes, and back. We did it in one hour and ten minutes. P calls it running, but actually it is more like jogging. For a human he isn’t too slow, but from a canine point of view this is not running of course. It is jogging.

I could run this distance in half the time, at least. Then the track would look a little different, because it would show all the side roads I took. There are a lot of beach clubs along this way and I would certainly scan them for yummy things. Hell, I could run this in half an hour with a stop at every beach club, including eating time! Next time, I’ll convince P to let me go off leash, so I can do just that.

I remember we ate some delicious things at these beach clubs and I want to check if they still have them. I will run at the beach club, jump over the table, gobble one or two croissants in the flight and be off. Before these humans realize what has happened, I am gone. I am fast.


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