No sea snacks today

We went to the beach, hurray! It was storming the last few days, so we only walked in the forest. But today the weather was fair, so we walked through the forest and the dunes to the beach. It smelled promising when we got there: I smelled lots of salty juicy sea food. There were a lot of birds too, eating things. That is always a good sign. I usually chase them away and check out what’s available for snacking.

This time I was disappointed, though. There were no little crabs at all, just this. Loads of them:


I don’t know what they are, but they are not good for eating. They smell tricky. There was a labrador eating them, but you should never trust a lab when it comes to eating. They eat everything, including non edible stuff. I met a lab once who told me he had eaten six raw eggs, including their carton box. Of course, afterwards he concluded this was a bad idea, it was kind of hard to digest. He also was abandoned from the bedroom that night, because he farted all night long. Ha! Lab’s are okay, they are harmless and always willing to play. But why are they so empty-headed?


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