Today it is exactly two years ago that M and P adopted me. M told me so this morning. Wow, two years already! When they came for me, I was five months old. They took me home in their car. I was pretty impressed by everything, as you can see:

Photo 07-03-13 16 00 43

In my new home Zuid was waiting for me, she is the dog of friends of M and P. She stayed with us for a couple of days, to make me feel at home. I had never been without other dogs in my life, growing up in a shelter, so it was sweet of M and P to think of this. Zuid became my godmother:


I grew up quick and I turned into a strong dog, ready to measure forces with anyone.

Social 3

I became the fastest dog on the beach:

Winter walk 5

And made some groovy friends:

Nicoline 3

I had some great Adventures in the last two years. I traveled in a boat, with M and P:

Canoe adventure

We hiked in Spain and in Austria.

Photo 04-08-13 14 13 03

I made sure our campervan was safe.

In bed

I even traveled on a bike in Germany:

Blog Bubbles 7

M and I did a lot of training, which to be honest can be very tiring:

Blog Bubbles 9

And we became quite good in doing doga together:

Doga 1

When I came to Holland, I had Ambitions. I am glad to say that in the last two years I started realizing these Ambitions, and have some thrilling Adventures besides. Life is good. I will never stop exploring.

Blog Bubbles 14





3 thoughts on “Anniversary”

  1. Dear Bubbles,

    it was nice to meet you again on the Beach today.😻
    I really like your blog. JB & I think you can really write very funny, but there is one thing which annoys us:
    your showing off that you are the fastest dog on the beach, puh.
    I think that M. should organize a running contest so you will notice that you may be fast but that you are the 2nd fastest dog on the beach 😉
    I am really looking forward to race against you!
    🐾 Blacky 🐾

    1. We have a deal, Blacky! I know you are one of the little ones on the beach, but a little one with character. You never whine when you are sandwiched between us bigger dogs, you just go on! And we respect you, because of your confident nature. I look forward to our racing contest!

      High paw, Bubbles.

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