Big dog, long legs

When M and P adopted me, they were told I was going to be a medium sized dog of approximately 10 kilos. That turned out to be not quite true. I kept on growing, in height as well as in length. When I stopped growing in height, some parts of me still grew, like my nose. So finally I became a big dog with long legs, long tail and long nose.

I like that. As I told you before, size matters. Especially when you like bumping into other dogs and chasing them on the beach. But sometimes being a big dog is a bit inconvenient. For instance when your humans think a simple pillow is a good place for you to rest.

2015-03-04 09.59.08

The pillow is in one of my favorite spots, near the window at the front of the house and near the warm wall. As you can see I am very flexible, so I bend my long legs to fit on this pillow. But it is not very comfortable, so after a while I move to another spot. Gladly, I have several beds in my house. This is one of them, another favorite spot. As you can see, I do fit on this one.

2015-03-04 10.19.21

When I was a puppy, this was big enough to share with one of my friends. I don’t do that anymore, of course, I am grown up now. I am not very much for sharing my bed, or my house, or car or…. well, anything, really. M told me that it is a good thing to share your stuff. That may be so for humans, it is certainly not right for dogs.

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