Happy new year!

Humans do a lot of silly things. They have these festive days – not all about it is bad, because apparently festivities come with a lot of food. And presents, too! The white stuff I got as a Christmas gift did not last long, but I had a lot of fun with it, so that is okay.

Anyway, I was writing about the silly things humans do. Like today: they celebrate New Years Eve. In Holland they have a peculiar way of celebrating this. On our beach a huge pile of wood is made. It is enormous (look at the tiny humans on top of it!) :

Oud en nieuw

Tonight they will set it on fire and it will be seen for miles around. That is not all: they will make a lot of noise, too. The humans in Holland, I mean. Everyone can buy fireworks here (M told me this is different in other countries) and this is the stuff that is so noisy. It sounds like the hunt has begun, the hunt for something big and terrible.

Some dogs are terrified of these noises, but I am not. Hey, I am a cool dog! When they start making noise tonight, I will dive deep in my snoozebag, close my eyes shut and dream of something nice. Like hunting antelope in Arabia, like my predecessors, or eating sausages.

I think it is an odd thing to celebrate the start of a new year. Because, you know, every day is a new day, every day smells different. So when I go out tomorrow I will sniff the day, like I always do, and look forward to the adventures this new day will bring. But I will be polite to my human readers and wish them a happy new year, according to their custom. And to my canine readers: I wish you plenty of yummy food this evening, a good long sleep and fresh energy for all the adventures that the new day will bring!


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