My cargobike

Dutch people cycle a lot. They use their bikes for practically anything: going to work, to friends, to do some shopping. We have all sorts of bikes here, especially different kinds of cargobikes. Some humans bring their kids to school using a cargobike, others use them for groceries or their pets. Some do it all at once, they transport their stuff and kids and dog in one cargobike. Very cosy.

My cargobike

I am very fond of my cargobike. It is a solid one and it has a removable part on the front, so I can get in and out easily. I could jump in, of course, but M won’t have me do that. When we go out, I sometimes run next to the bike and sometimes I sit in it. Humans smile when they see me, M tells me it looks sweet. Sweet! Pfwah. These humans obviously do not know sitting in my cargobike is hard work.

I have to guard the bike. Check that our route is safe. There might be other bikes or cars that could be a danger. We might meet bad mannered dogs that try to attack us. We might hit a pigeon flying too low (I hope this will happen one day). Or a dangerous cat, crossing the road. I see all kinds of dangers looming around the next corner. M does not notice this, she is biking at leisure. That is good, it is the way it is supposed to be. She should be relaxed and have no worries, because I am guarding her. I am a ferocious guarding dog! So how can humans think I look sweet, sitting in this bike? I think I have a problem with my image. I’ll ask my personal trainer what to do about it.

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