Size matters

Humans often seem surprised that we dogs instantly recognize each other as dogs. They say: ‘How can it be that this huge Saint Bernard sees that chihuahua as a dog?’ The answer is simple: we smell, therefore we know. From this point of view size doesn’t matter.

Size does matter when it comes to meeting each other and measuring forces. Like I wrote in this post, this is what dogs do when playing: we are having fun and we test how strong we are. In that case it is good to be not too small. A small dog can easily be overrun by a big one. I really liked doing that, because these little ones can be a good sport when they try to run away from you. Alas M made me very clear she does not like me doing this, so most of the time I leave the little ones alone, now. Choose your battles, right? To be honest I got a bit bored by chasing little dogs in the end, so I decided to let M have her way.

Did you know I was supposed to be a little dog? When M and P adopted me, they were told that I would become a medium sized dog, weighing maximum ten kilos. They predicted this because my feet were quite small and my legs were slender. Well, my legs are still slender, but they kept on growing. So did my neck and tail and, well, practically everything. Now I am a tall dog, as tall as a German Shepherd or a Rottweiler, but much lighter. I weigh almost twenty kilos. I am two years old now and some parts of me are growing still. My nose, for example. My head is looking more and more like the head of my noble ancestors, the ancient hunting dogs.

I am happy to have become a big dog, because big dogs are much more cool than little ones. Except, of course, little ones with character. Like some Beagles and terriers I meet: they are small, but they are groovy. They never whine when I run them over, they just get up and start chasing me. I like that. So sometimes size matters and sometimes it does not. But personally, I really like to have become a big dog with my long legs and nose.

Little fish!

Oh, by the way, this was a fish I found on the beach. Very interesting.

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