Roots: ancient greek dogs

A lot of humans we meet are making wild guesses about my origins. Some say I must have greyhound blood in my veins, because my legs are so long and I am the fastest on the beach. Others think I am a mix greyhound – German Shepherd, because of my colours.

I never met my father or my mother, so I do not know what they looked like. I hear a lot of good things about greyhounds and German Shepherds, so it is nice some humans think I am a mix of both. It would mean I am a loyal friend to my human, a ferocious guarding dog and I could be a trained police dog and track down nasty criminals. With my greyhound blood I am the fastest of all and with my extremely sharp eyes and nose I can track hares and other tasty things from miles afar. That is all very nice and of course I can do it all! Although I never have gotten the chance of chasing criminals, but I am still young so maybe I will, one day.

Of course I don’t want to disappoint these humans: if they like to believe I am a mix of these breeds, that is fine with me. But the truth might be something different. You see, I am from Greece. In Greece there are some breeds the Dutch people here know nothing about. And if you take a close look, I look very much like these dogs. For instance, there is the Greek harehound, the Hellenikos Ichnilatis. It is a hunting dog, with the same ears and coloured coat I have. It is brave, outgoing, independent and intelligent and possesses the stamina and cunning necessary to face a wild boar, this website claims. That is me!!! Although I am not entirely sure how a wild boar looks, I never met one in person. Another Greek dog breed that looks like me is the Kritikos Lagonikos. It is build like a greyhound, where the Hellinikos Ichnilatis has the colours of a German Shepherd. Those two mixed together could very well be me.

Both dogs are ancient breeds, one from Greece, the other from Crete. I told you before I descend from a line of dogs that were hunting dogs for the nobility in the ancient times. I can prove it, too. There are some very old pictures of my ancestors. This is one:


It looks pretty exciting! This is another very old one:

The Laconian

Although I do not like the idea of someone drinking from my head, I guess this is okay since it is very old. Humans were a bit odd in those days, apparently. Do you notice the long nose? That is my nose all right:


So these dogs are most likely my ancestors. History can be very interesting, sometimes!

3 thoughts on “Roots: ancient greek dogs”

  1. Dear Bubbles,
    Mats and family will visit Greece next summer – we’ll say hi to all your relatives! Cool to know you have ancient roots, does it come with ancient wisdom?

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