Autumn walk

Yesterday it was really warm, so M and P decided to go on a long walk. With me, of course! They will never go walking without me, I am sure about that. M tells me that walking without a dog is like going to Disney world without kids. I wouldn’t know about that, I’ve never been to this world. It must be nice, if there are kids!

Anyway, our long walk turned out to be quite an adventure. The wood smelled very good, of dogs I don’t know and all kind of wild things. It looked pretty, too:

Autumn walk 1

I had a good time, sniffing and walking and looking for interesting stuff around me. Like fir cones and sticks and rabbits:

Autumn walk 2

Because it was warm, I got very thirsty. The water tasted different than the water at our place. A bit muddy. But that is all right when one is thirsty:

Autumn walk 3

We encountered odd little things that smelled strange. I don’t think they are for eating:

Autumn walk 4

We lunched outside, M and P shared sandwiches with me and I had a stick for dessert.

Autumn walk 5

I could not sleep, however, because when we are outside it is my job to guard M and P. I like guarding, so that is no problem.

Autumn walk 6

In the end we stopped at a strange looking place. I thought we were going back to our campervan, because that is how we went to the start of the walk. But we went in one of these:

Autumn walk 7

They are big and noisy and they go by with a swoooooooooofsh, but I was not impressed by them, as you can see. Hey, I am a cool dog! So I went with M and P into this noisy machine and sat next to them while the machine brought us back to our campervan.

It was a great day! I slept from the time we got home till this morning, dreaming of all the nice things I smelled in the woods.


2 thoughts on “Autumn walk”

  1. Sounds like a great day Bubbles!

    I like trains (that´s how these noisy things are called) very much. When I´m inside I go to sleep immediatelly.

    And today it is a very wet day. I don´t mind being outside in the rain. But coming home and try to get some sleep while still being wet… Arghh, I hate it!

    1. Hello Boet,

      I agree, I don’t like a wet coat either. I heard that there are special devices to make you warm and dry quickly – you should ask labradoodle Kiesja, she told me her human has a special doodlehairdryer!

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