When M and I do doga together, we do different poses. Some of them I really like, for instance downward facing dog pose. Of course I like dog pose! I do this a lot, not only  in doga. This is the pose dogs use when they want to play. It is an invitation – for playing. In doga it is an invitation to relax, which is almost the same thing.

Some poses in doga I find very challenging. I don’t seem to be build to do these ones right. For instance, my ribcage gets in the way. I have a very deep ribcage, you know, because one of my ancestors was a greyhound. When we do this one, for instance, M is nearly flat on the ground, her nose almost touching the yoga mat. For me this pose means stretching my legs very much and putting my tail in the air for balance:

Doga 3


The name of this pose is phalakasana. I think it sounds like something you could eat, something yummy with Indian spices in it. And maybe some yoghurt for a nice creamy touch.  I always get very hungry when we do doga together. Although I must admit I get hungry when doing any activity, not just doga. I love food.

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