Today is my birthday! Two years ago, I was born in Athens, Greece. I don’t remember any of this, of course. But I guess it was not a happy day for my mother, because we never saw her again –  me and my brothers and sisters were found without her and taken to the shelter of Isabella. Me and my brother survived (we are strong!!!) and grew up in the care of Isabella. I liked it there, I had lots of friends to bounce on, but I was glad to find a real home. As I wrote earlier, living in a shelter is not good for dogs who have Ambitions. And I have a lot of Ambitions, as you probably noticed by now.

This is what I looked like, four months old:

Foto Bubbles

In February 2013 I arrived in a freezing cold Holland. It was so cold I had to wear a coat. This was very embarrassing. Cool dogs do not wear clothes! Anyway, I am glad there are no pictures of this. I lived with a foster family for some time (in the picture you see my foster mother. Well, part of her) and then M and P came to adopt me. Now I have a home that is perfectly suited for realizing my Ambitions.

So today is a special day. I hope I will sleep a lot. And eat yummy things. And go to the beach. Maybe to the forest and the beach. And meet some friends to play with. Maybe even catch a pigeon! Oh yeah.

7 thoughts on “Birthday!”

  1. A sweet, wet nose from me!
    We are having a party as well, so today must be the perfect day to celebrate… My buff, tall and very handsome boss has his birthday too!

  2. Well Bubbles, congratulations! Having your birthday is always very nice for us dogs, because then we get something extra nice things to eat!
    By the way, I saw you once with your coat when you were younger (but I didn´t make a picture, of course not!).
    And Hester, give your boss a very wet nose from me!

  3. Mats wants to congratulate you!! He’s singing “Happy Birthday” as we speak/type.. He hopes someone will do the the shoe-game with you.

  4. Hubert wishes you many happy returns of the day and he hopes that you will have a nice bone to chew.
    Hubert will have a special chewy to celebrate your birthday as well.

    1. Thank you, all, for your congratulations! The day is wonderful, so far. This morning I slept in the sun, after that I got a nice doggy snack, then we went to the beach where I met some friends to play with and now we are home again and I have a big bone to chew on. Nice!

  5. Dear Bubbles, I saw your blog too late so I hope you accept my appologies and I want to congratulate you anyhow! Love fromo Atie and a paw from Kiesja! We went to a Labradoodle breeders day in Friesland today, I’mm realy tired now and so is A.!

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