Boy friend

All my friends are dogs, with one exception. I find it hard to call a human a friend, because humans are a very different category. We don’t understand each other all the time and I believe friends should (okay, maybe I am a romantic kind of dog).

Anyway, there is one human who is my true friend. His name is Mats and this is him:

Mats en Bubbles 1

Mats looks a lot like me: he is skinny and bouncy and very energetic too! He wants to play with me all the time, he throws balls and we run together, very fast. We even play my favorite shoe game: he shuffles his feet and I jump around and nibble on his shoes, loosening his laces. I like him very much.

4 thoughts on “Boy friend”

  1. Let me tell teach one important lesson. As I am a bit older and a lot wiser than you, I know a lot about humans. There are many kinds. Unfortunately we often have to deal with humans who are too busy with each other or with a strange black box they move their fingers on all the time. Others try to be nice to us, but treat us like silly humans.

    A special human is (as they call it themselves) the older child. They have strong minds, are playful, give undivided attention, and don’t have odd opinions about animals.

    Mats, if you read this, M gives you my address.

  2. Dear Bubbles, woef,
    Mats looks to me like a very nice human friend, very playful and energetic!

    Greetings, Atie, Kiesja

  3. Dear Bubbles,
    We tried to write to you before but something went wrong.. so we couldn’t tell you yet how much Mats loved loved loved loved this post. He has a print of it hanging in his room. Mats showed your picture in his ‘spreekbeurt’ on dogs last week and the whole class was very jealous – they would all like to have such a great friend!

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