Polite note to the great Cesar Millan

Oh no. We haven’t been home for some weeks and M is already making plans for a new adventure.  I don’t like it at all and since I am in it too, I have to do something about it. That is why I am writing this note, a very polite note to the famous Dog Whisperer himself. I do hope he will read it. This is it:


Dear mr. Cesar Millan,

I am writing to you as the humblest of dogs. My human M and I are huge fans of your work. We watch all your tv-shows and we think it is awesome that you show people all over the world how to give their dogs a good life. It is Education with a capital E.

This month you will visit Holland. M has plans to go to your show and that is the reason I have to write you. Because, you know, it would be a good idea if she would not go. A theater show is very different than what you do on tv, right? I mean: it could be a disappointment for her. She would have to sit in the back of the huge theater and not see everything right, for instance. Most importantly: she would learn a lot of things that are not useful to her, because I am already a very obedient dog. Can’t get more obedient than this, I swear. I already have my own personal trainer, a real Dutch dog whisperer, and that is enough for one dog to handle.

In other words: M doesn’t need this. It is way better if other people, people with bad mannered dogs, go to your show. Let’s leave room for them.

So can you please, please let her know that your show is booked? Sorry, full, no more tickets left? I will be forever thankful to you and pay even more attention when we watch your new show on tv.

A polite paw from your humble servant,


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