Fred caught a duck! He just told me. He was walking along a canal and suddenly saw some fat ducks sitting beside the water. Fred can be very quick and he was on them before they knew it. He caught one duck by the leg and happily brought it to his human.

Then something strange happened. His human got really angry and told him to drop it. Fred did, bewildered by this reaction and presuming his human wanted it for himself. That is why he brought it in the first place. But his human told Fred he was a bad dog and let the duck get away!

Fred and I are really puzzled by this behavior. Because after the incident with the duck, his human went to a shop and bought meat. I mean: why would you do that? Rudely deny a tasty duck that is delivered to you by your loving dog and then go and buy meat because you want to eat it for dinner? Humans can be very, very silly.


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