We are still in France, not in the mountains anymore, but in (M says) the Dordogne. It is nice here: there are hills and forests and sunshine. Yesterday we had an Adventure on the campsite. There are a lot of dogs here and usually we guard our own campervan / tent / caravan. But yesterday, we immediately recognized the urgency of the situation and we guarded the camping, as one. This is what attacked us. It was big and very noisy:

Danger 1

We barked, we growled, we showed our teeth. Even the tiny Bichon at the corner of the field joined us. And we succeeded: the big monsters went away! Oh yeah.

Danger 2


2 thoughts on “Danger”

  1. You are SUCH a HERO !!

    My boss, hm. We´ve tried your cargobike. No succes. I liked it very much. You know I do. But my boss didn´t.
    But now I´m sitting in a DoggyRide sometimes! First I had to sleep in it for a week inside the house. It felt very cosy, a little house in my house. And than after a week, she gave ´it´ wheels and there we went!
    And … I really like it! At specially when it´s hot outside. We go to the beach and swim together, owau! I gallop next to it and when I get a bit warm I jump in. Relax, My head & ears outside in the wind!

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