Guarding the campervan

Sometimes being a guarding dog is not easy. It would be easy if I could just chase away any human and dog who approached our campervan, but M and P won’t let me do that. Apparently, there are certain rules about guarding I don’t know about yet. For instance, when someone is walking along our campervan on a path, it is allowed. If the same person is getting onto our plot, I may show my teeth.

The really difficult rules apply to the plots next to us. For instance, we were in a place where our neigbors had a dog too. We barked to each other and both were told to shut up. So we stopped barking and continued staring. Humans don’t seem to notice this, but staring is even more potent than barking. Anyway, I won. You can see in this picture. I continued to stare and she looked away. Ha!


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