A real Adventure

I enjoyed a big adventure. We went in a boat along the river Tarn! Of course, I was totally relaxed. I jumped into the canoe myself and looked around leisurely at the shores. We had small breaks on wonderful little beaches, where I ran around and of course did some guarding, so no one else dared to get onto our beach. It was awesome! I’d like to do this every day. M and P also were very happy, as you can see:

Canoe adventure

2 thoughts on “A real Adventure”

  1. Well…. I am not jealous, not at all. If you think I am, I’m not. It’s just a little hard for me to read you are jumping in and out of canoes all the time, and can relax on small beaches. We haven’t done this yet. It’s not beacuse I’m not able to jump in and out boats all by myelf. Not at all, you know how brave I am. J & J are just to tight to rent a boat.

    But I swam in streaming rivers, had my nose out of the window while J drove very fast, And I had to bark very loadly to prevent J & J from drawing when they swam close to a waterfall. Succesfully, they are still here.

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