A great thing about France is they make a lot of cheese. A happy thing for me, because I am a big fan of cheese. Today we passed a farm where you can buy a local cheese, made from goat’s milk. I don’t like goats, they are always so haughty, think they are the smartest in the universe (not – actually, they are enormously stupid). But their cheese is great. We had a nice long walk through the woods and this is where we saw the cheese sign:

Fromage de chevre

It is nice here, with all the different smells and sounds in these hills – there is a river here that makes a lot of noise, M says it is called the Tarn. By the way, what do you think of my walking gear? Impressive, isn’t it? In matching colors!

Anyway, this is the cheese. It is nice, too bad it is so small and M only bought one of them (sometimes she can be such a tightwad). Next time, she should buy at least a dozen:

Fromage de chevre 2

2 thoughts on “Cheese”

  1. Hi there, I am realy jealous…
    So many Adventures!

    Say cheese to me and I´ll smile immediatly! My boss herself eats only cheese from goats .And I always get a piece of it, Mjummm!

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