I am probably telling you no secret that we dogs are a master in creating different looks. We go from totally obedient to acting as if we don’t hear what you are shouting at us in a split second. As I explained earlier in my blog about the Method™, every dog can use this acting talent to get what he/she wants.

There is one look I use for special needs only. If there is something you really want, try this. In this case, it was the herring on the table (which I got, of course!). You have to practice on this one, mind you! It is especially important you get the ears right. So try it in front of the mirror before you test it on your boss.

Being very sweet

2 thoughts on “Looks”

  1. I´ve tried all day long to get my ears in the same position.
    Seriously! But my ears look totally different from yours. They just won´t stick. Arghh! My boss saw the efforts I made and said: I love you anyhow, even if you wouldn´t have ears!
    And to make you jealous: tomorrow we are going for a very long walk. Near Arnhem. Ever been there?

    See ya!

    1. A dog with no ears, that would look very strange… You are a lucky dog with a boss telling you sweet things like this! A very long walk, nice… Enjoy!

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