A day in the mountains

We are in the Spanish Pyrenees and it is really nice here. I’ll show you what we do here on an average day. First we walk for some hours. It is hot and dusty, but there are sources where I can drink. Like this:

Walking in Pyrenees highres

Then we have a picnic at a lovely spot. I like it most when we rest near a little river, so I can play in the water. There are some good sticks for grabs here:

Playing in the water highres

At the end of the day we get back at the campervan. M and P relax and so do I. It is a bit tiring, you know, walking for hours and having to guard M and P all the time. Usually I sleep in the sun. As a Greek dog, I like the warmth. If it gets too hot, I lie down in the shade.

Bubbles is tired


It is not so bad, having a holiday in France. There is a lot of nice food here we don’t have in Holland. They even make bubbles where we are now! I like it when people I don’t know personally produce something good and name it after me. Even though I am not allowed to drink it yet, since I am under-age (I am almost two). This is a picture of the bubbles they make here:


And here is a picture of something I am allowed to eat. It is delicious, fat and juicy and very tasteful. Duck! I have to get M to know how to make this, then I will catch her a duck and she can prepare it for me. So I can eat this every day. Yum.

Confit de canard


Like I told you, we are on holiday in France and we see a lot of medieval places. In the old days, the nobility lived in these castles. They had dogs, for hunting and guarding and company. In one of these castles we saw a drawing of this medieval life, the lady of the castle is having dinner. There is a dog with her, too. Do you see her? The dog of the lady of the castle! Here is the proof of my noble roots. Because this dog looks a lot like me: the same long legs, long nose and tail. Even the same ears! And she walks just like me, a beautiful proud dog. I knew all along I had noble roots, now I can prove it. My predecessors were the castle dogs of the medieval nobility!

Proof of my noble roots

Guarding the campervan

Sometimes being a guarding dog is not easy. It would be easy if I could just chase away any human and dog who approached our campervan, but M and P won’t let me do that. Apparently, there are certain rules about guarding I don’t know about yet. For instance, when someone is walking along our campervan on a path, it is allowed. If the same person is getting onto our plot, I may show my teeth.

The really difficult rules apply to the plots next to us. For instance, we were in a place where our neigbors had a dog too. We barked to each other and both were told to shut up. So we stopped barking and continued staring. Humans don’t seem to notice this, but staring is even more potent than barking. Anyway, I won. You can see in this picture. I continued to stare and she looked away. Ha!


A real Adventure

I enjoyed a big adventure. We went in a boat along the river Tarn! Of course, I was totally relaxed. I jumped into the canoe myself and looked around leisurely at the shores. We had small breaks on wonderful little beaches, where I ran around and of course did some guarding, so no one else dared to get onto our beach. It was awesome! I’d like to do this every day. M and P also were very happy, as you can see:

Canoe adventure


A great thing about France is they make a lot of cheese. A happy thing for me, because I am a big fan of cheese. Today we passed a farm where you can buy a local cheese, made from goat’s milk. I don’t like goats, they are always so haughty, think they are the smartest in the universe (not – actually, they are enormously stupid). But their cheese is great. We had a nice long walk through the woods and this is where we saw the cheese sign:

Fromage de chevre

It is nice here, with all the different smells and sounds in these hills – there is a river here that makes a lot of noise, M says it is called the Tarn. By the way, what do you think of my walking gear? Impressive, isn’t it? In matching colors!

Anyway, this is the cheese. It is nice, too bad it is so small and M only bought one of them (sometimes she can be such a tightwad). Next time, she should buy at least a dozen:

Fromage de chevre 2