New herring

There are certain things that make living in Holland absolutely great. This is one of them:


It is a herring. A new herring, to be precise: the season has just started! The Dutch make quite a happening of this, especially in The Hague where I live. On Vlaggetjesdag they celebrate the opening of the season, when the newly caught raw herring is brought in.

The Dutch have a special way of eating their herring. They hold it on its tail, in the air, and slowly lower the fish into their mouth. I am becoming more Dutch every day, so I eat it the way the Dutch do. Like this:

Eating herring the Dutch way

Thank you, Zee op Tafel! It tastes de-li-cious. You should try it, when you visit Holland!

2 thoughts on “New herring”

  1. hey Bubbles!

    My boss is very fond of herring herself, It is such a pity!
    But to make up for, she sometimes buys me an icecream. Just a small one: the same human kids sometimes get. But it makes me deliriously happy!
    Have you ever tried one yourself? Just ask for it… you know how to ask for food I understood…

    high five!

    1. What a great idea! Do they have icecream with the taste of fish, or crabs, you think? Otherwise just plain strawberry will do nicely… Next time I leave the house, I will head for the icebar.

      Big paw to you!

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